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How to create the best digital business cards

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Technology has changed the way we do most things in our professional lives from meeting to paying invoices, so it’s no wonder it would also touch this area of business. Digital business cards are coming in strong as one of the most popular new trends in business, this massive rise can be explained by its many benefits but it's probably mostly accelerated by the covid situation. The last few months have seen business change drastically and business cards are now evolving to fit the times.

How do digital business cards work?

What are digital business cards?

Like the name suggests a digital business card is the digital equivalent of traditional business cards, the next step in its evolution if you will. They are used for business or personal introductions and contain the most important information on a person or company liaison.

Unlike paper business cards, the digital version can be updated, designed, and personalized time and time again, depending on your needs and that makes. There are no space limits with these cards, as you can add whatever information you consider important like your name, email, phone, and then add on special features like a calendar link or a photo. The best part is that with digital business cards you decide!

So, what are digital business cards? They are the tool you want to make an impression in your next meeting, a way to stay relevant, save money and go forward with your ventures.

How do digital business cards work?

Digital business cards are created through an app and web design platforms. So, to create your own you’ll need to find a platform that works for you and has the type of card you want. Like Linkcard, which offers you:

  1. High-quality professionally designed templates.
  2. Easy and fast platform
  3. All the personalization possibilities you need.
  4. The opportunity of creating email signatures that you can add for extra branding advantages on your emails.
  5. QR code generator.

How to create the best digital business cards?

One of the keys to making your digital business cards stand out and be effective is to choose the right platform to create them with. Having a good design and development team behind will make all the difference in how your digital business cards look and perform.

So, let’s get started creating a business card with one of the best options available: Linkcard!

Step by step to making your first digital business card with Linkcard

Step 1: Open an account and get started

First thing first, you will need to register and open an account on Linkcard so you can make your digital business card. You can do that here, you have a few options for signing up:

  • Email, use any email account + password to open an account
  • Facebook, link your Linkcard account to your Facebook profile for easy access.
  • Google, use your Gmail account to start your Linkcard profile.
  • Apple ID, link your Apple ID to your new Linkcard account.

The registration process is easy and straightforward, if you have registered for any online service, this will be a piece of cake for you!

Step 2: Choose a pricing plan or become a freemium member

Linkcard has adaptable plans that will meet your needs, you can start by exploring the benefits of each and seeing how they meet up with your goals. Think of the possibilities in terms of how many digital cards you may want, if you want to include anyone in your plan or how else you can use Linkcards one site page templates. There is a lot to discover in this platform-

Freemium – $0 – One mobile site included

  • Free hosting
  • Unlimited traffic and page sharing
  • Basic Content blocks
  • Basic Design toolkit
  • Free designer-made templates
  • Set SEO configurations

Professional – USD $3.99 per month, billed annually – 3 mobile sites included

  • Everything in FREE +
  • PRO Content blocks
  • PRO design toolkit
  • PRO designer-made templates
  • Remove Linkcard branding
  • Lead capture form
  • Analytics
  • Tracking IDs
  • Save your design as a template
  • Connect up to 1 domain
  • Ecommerce features

Business –  USD $18.98 per month, billed annually – 40 mobile sites included

  • Everything in PRO +
  • Connect up to 3 domains
  • Folders to organize your pages
  • On-demand Product Tour
  • Priority support

Enterprise plans

  • For those that need more
  • Built around your needs
  • Includes everything from the Business Plan and much more!
  • Ask about it here

Step 3. Create and publish

Once you have selected the plan that fits your needs the best, you are ready to start creating, and the best part? It’s so easy to use!

One of the most highlighted benefits of choosing Linkcard is how simple and friendly the platform is to users, both with tech experience and not.

You can place features like text blocks and images with just a click and drag, making your digital business card look just like you want it to in minutes. You also have available to you a multitude of templates to choose from and edit as you wish.

In just a few minutes you can be using and sharing your new digital business card!
All types of business can benefit from digital cards

Benefits of using digital business cards

Digital business cards have a ton of benefits to offer users, they are easier to use, update, greener, and more. So, let’s take a closer look at why you should move to using digital business cards over paper cards.

Easier to use

Digital business cards are easier to use because they can be edited, updated, and changed at any time. Add new numbers, links, and other features without having to consult with a printer or designer, just you and your Linkcard account.

It’s also so much more convenient for sharing, you can use a QR code or send the link through email, iMessage, Whatsapp, or whatever digital channel you prefer. Plus, whoever you are sharing it with won’t have to carry around a piece of paper in their wallet or purse, in order to have your information. Welcome to the digital age!

Go greener

Another great reason to go digital with your business cards is going green with your business. Using digital business cards cuts down on paper use, waste generation, and energy. It’s a much more eco-friendly way to do business and introduce yourself.


Even if you choose the highest-priced plan offered on Linkcard you would still save money, why? Because you can alter, adapt and improve on digital business cards, you can’t on paper ones. Having your cards printed means total commitment to the information there, making it pricier if you do need to change something. Another reason they are more cost-effective is you can share a business card limitless times and that does not change its price, no need to run to the print shop to make more.

Bottom line is, one well-made digital business card is worth a million (probably more) traditional ones while costing way less.

Covid safe

We know you are 100% ready for the return of business as usual, but still following the “new normal” rules. Digital business cards are a way in which we can still connect meet, and do business but in a contactless, safe way. This is a new option for sharing information, one that will be more welcomed than ever.

Digital business card templates

Your digital business cards can look however you want them to with Linkcard. That’s why we offer templates that adapt to you. Edit quickly and easily, make your brand stand out with all the creative options and the best features. Including things like:

  • Add your social media profiles for LinkedIn. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube
  • Add a link to your website
  • Add a direct email link
  • Add a direct messaging link
  • Add google maps address to your business
  • Add a book calendar meeting
Find the best digital business card for you
Find the best digital business card for you

The options with digital business cards are plenty, make yours now and elevate your business introduction to the next level.