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How to use a COVID-19 digital vaccination card + FREE template

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What to do if you lose your covid-19 vaccination card

The events in the past year and a half have taken the world by storm. It has changed the way we do almost everything from going to work to how we say hello to friends and family. The impact of COVID-19 will be felt in the years to come too, as countries implement measures to make sure the dangers related to it stay low, causing individuals to have adapt to these new requirements.

The rules of the “new normal” include keeping up to date with restrictions, being careful in your interactions, avoiding risks, and doing your part in staying and keeping others safe. For those who have chosen to get a COVID-19 vaccination, the coast may have seemed clear but there is one more, very useful, step you should take to get ahead of possible scenarios: keeping your vaccine record safe and handy in digital form.

We are human and prone to mistakes, why not prevent an uncomfortable situation by turning that valuable piece of paper into a digital record that you can take anywhere without fear of misplacing it. Especially as more and more places are requiring proof of vaccination in order to enter the premises or participate in certain activities. Let Linkcard show you how to get your digital vaccine record, plus explain a few more reasons why you should below.

Free digital covid-19 vaccine template

How to keep my COVID-19 vaccination record safe?

Get your vaccine card scanned and added to Linkcard’s COVID-19 FREE digital vaccination template. Keep it safe and on your phone at all times!

See how the FREE COVID-19 vaccination template works here

Why should I get the COVID-19 digital vaccination template?

  • Having your COVID-19 digital vaccination card allows you to enter places that require proof of vaccine without risking your original document.
  • Make it easier to send digital vaccination proof in advance to business centers, job applications, or travel agencies.
  • Have a digital backup in case you need to ask for a copy of your original document.
  • Easier travel experience, show your digital vaccine record before pulling out the original document (you must travel with the original) for safekeeping.

How to get and use the COVID-19 digital vaccination template?

  1. Register or login at Linkcard
  2. Fill the information and upload pictures of the vaccine card
  3. Download your digital vaccine record
  4. Thrive in the “new normal”

Who can get the COVID-19 digital vaccination template?

Anyone who has gotten or is planning to get a vaccine can access Linkcard’s digital vaccine template. Just follow the steps detailed in the question above and you will be set!

What can I do if I lose my COVID-19 vaccination card?

This is what we are trying to avoid with the digital vaccine card template, getting your record online and available on your phone so you don't risk losing the original card.

However, if you do lose your original vaccination record there are steps you can take to get a new one, the detail is, it varies depending on your country and state so you must do your research according to where you are located or where you got your vaccine. The best thing to do: get your digital record and keep that card safe!

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